I believe I'm a coffee drinking, Jesus loving, book reading, Italian speaking, you better believe I’ll get up to dance at a party (Danza Kuduro = yes please!) photographer.
All of the stories I share, the photographs of the beautiful people I get to capture, the stories I get to write, my thoughts, my faith, who I love, what I love... is a reflection of who I am. 
Whether photographing or in writing form... I live to create.


NJ Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I'm barbara



Barbara was everything we were hoping for and completely exceeded our expectations. There is no question, if you need a photographer for anything, we would HIGHLY recommend Barbara!


She made us feel so comfortable but more importantly, we felt like she really heard us. On the wedding day, Barbara was phenomenal at keeping everyone and everything on schedule, she was able to capture the pictures we wanted and was really great with having the pictures edited and sent to us in amazing time. 

Alea DiGirolamo


Barbara is absolutely AMAZING!! Such great talent and the sweetest person you will ever meet. 


I have used her since my engagement photos until recently my family’s Christmas photos and well everything in between for the past 4 1/2 years!! She has captured so many of my family’s memories. Barbara knows exactly what to do/say to get the best photos and make everyone feel comfortable! 

Terestita Katrina Quiros